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how to open a pandora bracelet to add charms

how to add charms to pandora bracelet with lobster clasp
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how to add charms to pandora bracelet with lobster clasp
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pandora jewelry online application PANDORA OPEN BANGLES UPDATE May 6, 2017 PANDORA OPEN BANGLES UPDATE Back in March we posted about a totally new Bangle from PANDORA, read on for an update…


When we first heard about the new PANDORA Open Bangles , we were told they would be released on 11th May 2017. Unfortunately the release of the Open Bangle is delayed. As yet, we haven’t heard another release date and don’t know if PANDORA will proceed with releasing the new Encased in Love Charms on their own or wait until the Open Bangle is released.



We have also had an update on the price of the new pastel Encased in Love Charms. The Pink Cubic Zirconia, Opalescent White Crystal and Sky-Blue Crystal versions of the Encased in Love Charm will retail at US$65 and CAD$75.


It’s a shame that there is a delay with the new Open Bangle as many fans have been looking forward to a bangle like this from PANDORA for a long time. Still, all good things come to those who wait!



Are the new Open Bangles and Encased in Love Charms on your wishlist? How would you style the PANDORA Open Bangle if you bought one? Let us know in the comments below.



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Hi Dora,

I’m a little disappointed to find out the Open Bangles release date has been delayed. I was looking forward to using them for mini designs. It will be interesting to see if the EIL charms will be released as scheduled. It would have been nice to pick these up during the Memorial Day Event.

Thanks for the update and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Dora May 7, 2017

Hi Emily, I was quite disappointed too. I imagine lots of people would have had the same idea to get them during the Memorial Event. I even wondered if they decided to hold off the release so that older stock was bought! But it’s probably just down to production issues. Hopefully it won’t effect the EIL charms. Thanks for commenting and enjoy your weekend too, Dora

Putting Together A Traditional Charm Bracelet

As I have mentioned before on this blog, charms have been used for hundreds of years, and while their popularity has had its ups and downs, they never completely went out of style. After a major dip in the 1970s, they slowly made their comeback, and today, they’re more popular than ever.

Traditional charm bracelets consist of a chain (in silver or gold) with charms, usually attached with jump rings, which come in many sizes and materials to match your charms and chains. You can of course buy them ready made, but I think it’s much more fun to put them together yourself, and obviously, this way, you can add any charms you want. And assembling them is (usually) really easy.

Here’s how to make a charm bracelet in 3 simple steps:

1. Get a chain. Either buy just a piece of chain and attach the clasp yourself, or get it with the clasp already on.

2. Assemble your charms, tools (flat nose and split ring pliers if you’re using split ring) and jump rings

Now, there are three types of jump rings you can choose from, but you will most likely be using one of the first two:

Split Rings , which is like a tiny version of the ring you have on your keychain. Split rings hold the charms securely in place, but can be a bit tricky to work with (as anyone who has tried to remove or add keys to their keychain will know). Your best bet is to get a pair of split ring pliers to help open the ring, and then just slide the charm on and attach the whole thing to the bracelet.

Non-Solder Jump Rings . These are the most common, and easiest to use. They are tiny rings with a straight cut opening, and to add a charm, you just bend the ring apart at the opening (using your fingers or pliers), add the charm, put the whole thing on the bracelet, and close the ring (make sure the ends are completely closed and matched up perfectly). It’s the least secure option, but definitely the easiest if you know you’ll want to change up the look of your bracelet every now and then.

Jump Rings for soldering . These are tiny round rings with an angled cut opening, meant to be soldered once the charm is attached and they’re on the bracelet. It’s not my favorite option for a couple of reasons: few people are able (or want to) do the soldering themselves, so you have to pay to have it done, and also, when you do it this way, you can’t switch out the charms whenever you want to unless you cut the jump ring open. This is, however, a really secure method of keeping the charms on the bracelet, and a good option if you have a very expensive or special (inherited perhaps) charm bracelet that you know you’ll want to keep this way forever, and pass on to future generations.

Or if you don’t want to bother with jump rings at all, you can always get clip-on charms . Relative newcomers on the market, clip on charms make putting a bracelet together super easy. They have a lobster (or round) clasp attached, and all you do is open the clasp and put it on your bracelet (the Thomas Sabo Charm club and Rembrandt charms are perfect examples). I think it can look a little bit too busy with all that hardware, especially if you have teeny, tiny charms attached, but it certainly makes for quick and painless assembly. And you can easily put them on other things as well, like a cell phone, purse, key chain, dog collar, baby stroller, etc.

However, we will continue this assuming you are using either a split or non-solder jump ring.

3. Open your jump ring, slide the charm on, hook the ring through one of the links on your chain, and close it. That’s it! Just repeat this until the whole bracelet is done.

Could it be any easier?

For another DIY project, see my post about making a charm bracelet from silver rings .

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