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pandora bracelet and charms set Home   »   Thomas Sabo   »   A Brand With Attitude – Make Way for Thomas Sabo A Brand With Attitude – Make Way for Thomas Sabo endangeredtrolls   /  July 18, 2012  /  6 Comments

Welcome to an introduction to Thomas Sabo (along with a brief review). This brand is is edgy, gothic inspired and has a whole heap of attitude.

The world of bead and charm based jewellery is positively teeming with brands, arguably to the point of saturation. With this in mind it’s vital for a brand to create it’s own identity when vying for a slice of this lucrative but competitive market.

Trollbeads are the founder of the “bead” style bracelet, where the charm sits on the bracelet rather than dangling from it. They’re also famed for their exquisite glass work; a title well earned. They’re popular with collectors craving more fantasy inspired designs with silvers themed around fairies, trolls, dragons and other mythical folk.

Pandora can be largely credited with bringing the charm bracelet to the forefront and back into fashion. They’re associated with smaller charms, lots of hearts and cute animals and the twist cap bracelet.

Redbalifrog are developing an almost cult-like following thanks to designer Amanda Bazarow’s intricately detailed creations. These silvers often compliment Trollbeads superbly so it’s no surprise that fans are often collectors of both brands.

Chamilia are best known for their sparkle and bling (though Pandora might be giving them some tough competition this fall.) They have an association with Swarovski so crystal and bejewelled beads are often staples of their collection.

Thomas Sabo is a brand I have admired from a distance for a few years. I stumbled across them when searching for edgy, gothic themed pendants and such was the impression they made that I’ve always followed their new collection releases.

Image Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

With such admiration, one might wonder why I’ve never indulged then. Simply put, I find it far easier to resist jewellery when it’s not infront of me in all it’s glittering and twinkling glory. There are no Sabo stockists close to me; indeed the nearest would be a concept store in Copenhagen. Autumn and winter fashion is taking a real turn towards the darker, more gothic inspired designs (there’s even a touch of the Baroque and sci-fi creeping in) and I’ve been yearning for a bracelet to perfectly compliment this style. It’s a style concept I already love. I’m much more of an autumn and winter girl than spring and summer. Pastels don’t really suit me and I have a personal appreciation for heavier fabrics, animal prints, leathers and darker, more dramatic make up. I find autumn and winter fashion generally more elegant; I like to see layered looks with tailored coats and coordinating scarves. Obviously this is all personal preference but the gothic, edgier trends are mine.

Image Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

There is a lot of overlap in the designs you see between the different charm and bead brands. One thing that’s consistent is a positive deluge of floral themes and token cute animals. I was yearning for something more contemporary feeling and with the ability to echo the upcoming seasonal trends.

Some may have noticed I’ve begun writing as a guest blogger for UK based retailer John Greed (and hopefully you can expect more of this in the future.) It’s in collaboration with them that I decided to indulge in a Thomas Sabo bracelet and then offer a review.

I had reasonably strict criteria in selecting this bracelet and I’m partly grateful for this due to the sheer number of charms now offered as part of the Thomas Sabo Charm Club . They have their own selection of cuter animals and more generic designs but what I was really coveting were their edgier designs. This is an area that Sabo truly shine in and there isn’t a huge amount of competition. Referring back to the necessity for a brand to create it’s own identity; this, for me, is Sabo’s.

Image Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

It’s worth noting that Sabo’s charm bracelets are based upon traditional styling; that is to say, the charms dangle from the bracelet rather than sit on it. They’re attached via a simple lobster clasp so no alterations by a jeweller are required. While they may utilise more traditional methods in creating their charm collection, dated they are not and I’d argue Sabo are the most fashion faithful of the large brands.

For the actual bracelet, the basis to any charm creation, I wanted something quite delicate. To elaborate, I have quite small wrists and a full charm bracelet is an eye catching, glitzy piece of jewellery. I ultimately wanted the charms to do the talking and be the focus, not the bracelet itself. As such I opted for the finest of the Sabo carrier bracelets and I’m thrilled with it. It’s simple and feminine boasting a branded hoop close to the fastening (which is a lobster clasp.) My only criticism per se relates to this. I know many people who find lobster clasps difficult to fasten and the only advice I can truly offer for those plagued by this is to try and order a slightly larger bracelet. The additional chain length will give you extra “wiggle room”. The chain is chic, classy and stylish.

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I’ve spoken before about the importance (in my eyes) of a bracelet being wearable without charms. Not everyone has the funds to invest in multiple items all at once, particularly in the current economic climate. When I reviewed the Noosa limited edition sandals, it was vital for me that they could be worn without the addition of eight chunks (the available number of spots.) While the chunks are reasonably priced in their own right, to purchase eight of them in addition to a 120 EUR pair of sandals can be simply prohibitive. For the same reason, I really love the Sabo bracelet. While the charms are a beautiful addition and obviously, most people purchasing this bracelet would be doing so with the ultimate aim of filling it with charms, it’s perfectly wearable without. This would also make it a stunning and affordable gift for a special someone in your life.

I opted for two initial charms for this bracelet. As I previously mentioned, I’ve long since admired Sabo’s pendants and a specific model I’ve coveted for years is their”>Dragon . He epitomises my sense of style with femininity being offered from his sparkling exterior but his subject matter being decidedly darker, more gothic and fantasy based. I was delighted to discover Sabo quite recently added a miniature version of this famed Dragon to their Charm Club range, making my first choice simple.

Image Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

The charm itself is of a high shine finish, in stark contrast with it’s pendant counterpart (shown above) but in keeping with the rest of the Charm Club collection. It’s retained it’s larger size in relation to other charms and is a real focal piece. Regular readers will be accustomed to me remarking about the importance of texture in jewellery; it’s a feature that can be used to fabulous results. This little charm is heavily textured with metallic scales, teeth and horns and I’m delighted with it.

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The second charm offered a subtle nod to a recent fashion trend, that of feather inspired accessories and clothing. This has played out from the highly dramatic to the more subtle with the latter obviously being more wearable. Aside from it’s recent fashion revival, feathers can be associated with the urban fantasy genre of literacy, particularly since angel fiction has been so popular recently. The description of the Feather charm by John Greed reads as follows:-

We j’adore this Feather Charm by Thomas Sabo, Sterling Silver curls and drifts effortlessly in a style that is as close to a real feather as we have ever seen.

It’s feminine lines, it’s nod to a current fashion trend and it’s hint at the urban fantasy genre made this a perfect choice for my second charm. The bold claim by John Greed above is no mere boast as this feather is simply exquisite. Neither stock photograph nor my own do justice to this design. It’s heavily textured to the touch but without sacrificing the delicacy or femininity of the design.

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

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An additional advantage offered by Sabo is the ability to fully coordinate and compliment a look. The above feather design is also available in both a stunning pair of earrings and an entire, contemporary feeling bracelet.

Image Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

Image Courtesy of Thomas Sabo

Everything about this bracelet feels luxurious from the subtle branding of the chain and charms to the packaging the product arrives in.

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Indeed this latter point is worthy of an individual mention. Referring back to my mention of the the current economic climate, jewellery is a luxury product and when finances become tighter, these are naturally the first items to cease being purchased. Luxury product is the key point here and for me, how jewellery is presented is a vital element. I’ll be honest, I don’t really care how much (or little) an item costs, I think there should be effort made in the presentation. I do appreciate that companies are also attempting to keep their overheads down but I can only express an opinion as a shopper and jewellery enthusiast. The packaging I received for both bracelet and charms was lovely. Simply the best and most accurate way to describe them would be as miniature hat boxes. For this reason, they’re both practical and attractive. The boxes stack and will guarantee your jewellery is kept safe and they’ll look beautiful on display in either a walk-in wardrobe or on a dressing table.

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting


While there is no doubt this bracelet is highly functional and versatile, I purchased it with a particular view to use it as a compliment to autumn and winter fashion trends. I mentioned the trend for feather accented fashion and accessories earlier and this new top from Karen Millen is a perfect example of how it can be worn in an accessible fashion.

Images Courtesy of Karen Millen and Thomas Sabo

Last weekend I purchased my first real item of clothing in full view of the upcoming season; a beautiful Karen Millen pony skin coat and I’m already looking forward to teaming it with leather trousers, sky high shoes and this beautiful new bracelet.

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Brand Compatibility

A key question for collectors is always how compatible one brand is with another. As mentioned earlier, Sabo charms are designed to be attached to a link chain bracelet via their own lobster clips. As such, they won’t slide onto either Pandora or Trollbeads bracelets. I’m going to assume that they’d be compatible with the likes of Links of London or Tiffany’s bracelets and charms.

This doesn’t completely rule out the option of using them with Troll chains however. They can be attached to the very ends of your bracelet, on the small silver loops used to facilitate the lock.

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Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

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For the Pandora collectors, there is no easy method by which to combine your existing collection with Thomas Sabo.

What Next

While my readers have preferences for various brands most have one thing in common; an understanding of how ludicrously addictive charm and bead bracelets can be. There is always another charm you “need” and always a new collection due. Thomas Sabo has been no exception for me and I’ve already found myself adding to my mental wish list of charms I should purchase in the future. It will come as no surprise to many that I’m a huge Sex and the City fan with a particular empathy towards Carrie Bradshaw’s character (plus I covet her wardrobe.) With that in mind, the Thomas Sabo Cocktail charm has rocketed to the summit of my monstrously huge “to buy” list. It would be a far cry from the current styling of this bracelet but the heart wants what the heart wants and mine, wants that.

Ordering Details

All the Thomas Sabo items featured in this article came from UK based retailer John Greed who boast a large selection of from this brand (and not limited to The Charm Club range.)

I’ve provided links throughout the article for those interested in purchasing or viewing any of the items but for the sake of clarity, I’m grouping them all together below.

Thomas Sabo Fine Charm Carrier (bracelet) Thomas Sabo Feather Charm Thomas Sabo Dragon Charm Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting


I’m thrilled with this bracelet. I’ve adored the brand for so long as I was terribly excited while waiting for it’s delivery. Thankfully, the product has lived up to my expectations. For fans keen to acquire a link style bracelet that will allow them to collect more brands (such as Tiffany’s or Links of London), the Sabo chains are ideal as they’re very reasonably priced. For those ladies who appreciate edgier fashion and more gothic designs, Sabo have a good selection and by far the best of the larger brands.

I’m undoubtedly going to add to my collection which by itself supports my enthusiasm. Hopefully I will be able to offer more news and updates regarding Sabo in the future.

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Have you noticed the pandora appeal bracelets that are really about trend at the moment? Right now there are lots of copycat versions available. The actual pandora charm’s are designed in Italy and come in silver, gold, silver and gold blended, pandora rings jewelry us and Murano glass. You begin by buying the pandora and minds basic bracelet, then add to it by buying charms until it is fully punched up. There are a few great things about the actual pandora bracelets thought. The first one is that you can style and design your own jewelry to go with no matter what outfit you choose to wear, or maybe whatever mood you’re in that day. The other thing is, that men and women know they can buy which you charm at Christmas as well as for your birthday and it will be most appreciated.

Another reason is actually so great, is that you can choose charm bracelets that tell the story you will. us pandora pendants jewelry For instance, my Chrome Spirits bracelets has two silver cat charms, because I have two cats. It also includes a piece of traveling luggage, mainly because I have done a great deal of touring. Basically you can choose the charm bracelets that call to you. You will find a huge variety of charms to choose from along with new ones are being got out all the time. To keep the value of the charms, there are merely a limited number made of each one, and once they have sold out no more are made. pandora also have bought out necklaces that can have pandora charm bracelets put onto them, and you can choose to have just four or five charms and if you like you can wear more than one pendant at a time. The charms are extremely interesting as they have a gap right through the middle of them, and so they screw onto the band.

pandora also have leg bracelets, earrings and gorgeous bands. pandora charms are among the more popular charm bracelets that you can buy. pandora rings jewels us Part of their appeal will be the ability to mix and match the Shiny Hearts beads and spacers, to have a different look for different occasions. They are also touted as the perfect gift for any girl or girl in your life, like with the variety of charms available, you will find something for everyone no matter what the occasion, or maybe their taste in fashion. Giving a pandora elegance bracelet is a wonderful gift for just a young girl or adolescent. Generally you can buy the necklace itself with three or four beads already on the bracelet (they are nicely separated, even though you only have a few charms to them. ) Then, people can also add to the bracelet by giving expensive jewelry for birthdays. Christmas or other special occasions such as a remarkable vacation, graduating from high-school, and later the birth regarding her first child, and so forth

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