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And again, for this price, it did not go up! Obviously, when we talk about prices like this, we say to ourselves that it does not sell every day, and yet this business is doing very well.

But lately, I just (re) discovered that theyou can have beautiful very expensive jewelry without necessarily spending so much. This will not be the case for everyone, but you yourselves may have the solution without knowing it!

The solution, “recycling”

I’m not really talking about sorry ecology, but more about recycling old valuable family jewels.

Some will cry scandal. ” What do you mean ! Recycle old granny jewelry! “. Yes that’s it. Because between us, is it better to have an old jewel at the bottom of a box under the pretext that it belonged to grandma, or to wear its stones by having it brought up to date?
It is at
van Hoye (a jeweler) that I just saw this, and well look what it looks like!

On the left, the original jewel, on the right the result by reusing the stones, it gives it a facelift, doesn’t it?

And since this jeweler also does expertise in antique jewelry, he will be perfectly able to tell you if it is better to keep your old family jewel as it is, or if you can happily have it recycled. to make a pretty bag that you can wear.

A common practice

The practice is not new. Even Cartier jewelry recycled emeralds from the Grand Duchess of Russia for a wealthy American 80 years ago. Like what !

In the “unusual” series, the computer manufacturer DELL even recycled the gold from computer motherboards to make jewelry, like what as soon as a material has value, nothing is lost …

Catalog visit

Well, I’m not going to re-list all the jewelry on the site you’ll look at yourself, but I found some little wonders.

First this old bracelet. I admit that it is not easy to wear every day, but I find the object beautiful. It dates from 1840! Fortunately this one was not used to make a new jewel, it is a pure marvel at 2700 euros anyway.

To continue, this ring that makes me crack with its little Art Deco touch revisited. One would think it was made by Le Corbusier. The stone is a tourmaline accompanied by diamonds. Do you fall for it too? It’s 3800 euros.

To finish (my modest selection), I go back to the classic. 3 rows of diamonds, what better way to highlight such a beautiful ruby, I ask you? Well, obviously, it feels at the level of the price (18,000 euros), but what is it beautiful!

Come on, no more dreaming, I’ll put back my junk, but if you have the means, here is the address, there is nothing but beautiful!

Van Hoye – Jeweler-Creator
13 rue Dupont des Loges 75007 Paris