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Last weekend, as part of a romantic trip to Holland, a friend of mine had a hell of a surprise. Her darling gave her beautiful diamond earrings!

And that, directly at a diamond dealer in Antwerp by making a small detour in Belgium. Admit that we want to sting her boyfriend, right?

In fact, I’m not going to do it, the wedding is coming soon, with the bowl she has she will also be entitled to the engagement ring …

Beautiful gold and diamond earrings

I’m not going to make you languish, that’s what she got as a gift …

It throws no?

So okay, it’s always more impressive in photos (especially since I made a montage with an enlargement, but still, I would sell my mother to have the same ones if I had one!

This type of earrings is in my opinion the pinnacle of class (although I also like the simple classic little diamond) she went there: BAUNAT Rijfstraat 2-4 2018 Antwerp Belgium +32 3 201 24 90 and they have a site where you can see all the splendid yellow gold and diamond earrings they offer.

There are at all prices (even if the diamond is never given), besides I love the small diamond buttons at 35,000 euros, surprising not? But more seriously, for some parts, it’s ultimately cheaper than I expected.

I learned a little about Baunat, they have been specialized in diamonds for 4 generations. And since 2008, they have become masters in online sales, even if they also sell in showrooms. The prices they charge are making some big brands like Cartier and Bulgari cringe. But that’s the game my poor Lucette, today short circuits are popular and buyers are no longer afraid to buy beautiful jewelry online.

And then I went further, and I who thought that most of the diamonds came from South Africa, and well I discovered that India is also an important producer, because the alluvial deposits of the south-east are abundant. of these precious stones.

Moreover, I found a recent article from the Express which explains to us how the Indians conquered this market and carve out the lion’s share in the trade of polished diamonds (80% of the production passes through their hands).

But why buy diamonds in Antwerp?

Antwerp is THE diamond capital of the world.
The city has the 4 main world diamond exchanges, including the famous Diamantclub van Antwerpen, and the oldest, the Beurs voor Diamanthandel (1904). The diamond district of Antwerp has around 1,500 companies dedicated to diamonds and more than 4,500 diamond dealers.

For the record, it was also in Antwerp that the heist of the century took place at the Diamond Center, with a loot of around 100 million euros, enough to have pretty adornments made….

70% of diamonds traded in the world are in Antwerp, which is to say that it is the hub of this business, so inevitably, quality and price are at the rendezvous when shopping on the spot.

And by the way, are we talking about synthetic diamonds?

As you probably know, in recent years researchers have succeeded in producing synthetic diamonds. Today these can cost up to 50% less than a natural diamond. However, they are confined to small sizes and are rather used in industry, so there is little chance that you will find them in jewelry.

Certain techniques now make it possible to differentiate between natural and synthetic diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are therefore not very popular in Antwerp, and in France it is compulsory to identify them as such during a sale.

A diamond for life

Let’s come back to my girlfriend, I jealous her a bit for her magnificent earrings, so I went to browse a little more in the ranges of jewelry offered by Baunat, and I found real wonders!

I’m just showing you a few pretty pieces that I will be offered as a gift …

The diamond ring that rocks.

A splendid engagement ring
Crazy earrings!
This bracelet is driving me crazy!
The famous dollar sand revisited in gold and diamonds!

And so all these pretty things can be found at Baunat.

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