A jewel for Christmas? News and restocking online!

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Right off the bat, we can say that we are perfectly in line with the timing we set for ourselves… 10 days ready. 10 days late for jewelry made on the other side of the world, it is ultimately not so serious. Especially since if we had our traditional little surprises on the content of our last restocking and ordering new jewelry, overall we are very happy with the result.

So we are ready for Christmas. The missing sizes have been put online and above all we present 10 new jewelry models. You just have to make your choices.

New collection of Zandira rings

What we hope is that the end of the year is going as well as it started, with a very clear increase in sales, and that this damn crisis will not prevent you from making yourself happy. To see, read and hear day after day, the same pessimistic speeches, I don’t really know what to think. If the crisis in some of our activities is extremely violent, it is not for the moment at Zandira, as long as it lasts!

I take this post to wish all e-merchants an excellent end-of-year season, so important for all of us, and all our customers a sweet and happy end of the year with friends or family.