Cheap and quality original jewelry, it’s possible!

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Lady CoclicoThere are hundreds of jewelry shops on the web. Many offer the same items (fortunately Zandira is there to innovate in ethnic jewelry). And Internet users expect quality articles, they also expect us to be surprised. In this register, there is also the shop

Besides its original name, the costume jewelry boutique Lady Coclico was created to make original jewel and “THAT” of the original jewel ! There are a lot of cool articles classified in different ways according to a logic of trends and styles. We can therefore perform a search in different ways:

  • Classic research: jewelry by type (a fancy bracelet, a ring, earrings or a necklace, etc.)
  • Search by style: from fantasy for the nicest to rock for the rebels
  • Search by trend: a skull ring, a hippie necklace, a shamballa bracelet …

This type of navigation is super convenient mainly for one reason: girls who have a ready-made outfit and are looking for accessories to spice up their look can get right to the point. It is easy to find the costume jewel of your choice, you just need to know its style (which is not always the case) and to define the colors of the desired jewel.

Besides the originality and the quality of the jewels, Lady Coclico offers nice little prices so that you can all splurge without breaking the bank. But beware, no “vulgar cheap costume jewelry” of poor quality, the price comes at the end!

Finally, if the girls are queens in the store, the boys also have their small share in the store. They can indulge themselves with shamballa bracelets of all kinds, or with leather bracelets. In short, the men’s bracelet is part of the Lady Coclico catalog.

Lady Coclico jewelry store