Dental jewelry: precautions and recommendations

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Swarovski for teeth

In all this time that I have heard about dental jewelry, my birthday was finally the opportunity for me to have one asked. Unfortunately, I did not fall for this trend. But it’s still an experience to try.

A jewel to illuminate your smiles

My passion for jewelry regardless of their styles and genres is limitless. The proof, I wear it on the ears, on the neck, on the arm, on the fingers and even on my ears. In short, on my whole body. So, as soon as dental rhinestones became very fashionable, I had to get them fitted as well and as quickly as possible. Also, as my roommate was already wearing some, I really wanted these very original tooth jewelry.

Nothing like it actually to illuminate the smile. However, before making an appointment with my dentist, I first had to choose my dental jewelry. It was at my usual jeweler that I went, and there I was pleasantly surprised at the possibilities of choice that were offered to me. What’s more, the item can be found and bought everywhere. And for information, the majority of dental rhinestones are precious stones or fine gems.

There are even imitations of diamonds. Only downside, this gemstone is only reserved for a privileged few because of its high cost. Otherwise, pink, yellow, blue or green … according to the desires and aspirations of each, the jewel comes in all colors and is cut in different shapes. As for me, I opted for real Swarovski crystals. The jeweler personally recommended this gem to me for its brilliance.

Precautions and recommendations

Paradoxically, it is precisely his side, both extravagant and conspicuous, that slightly displeased me in the dental rhinestones. Indeed, I rather have a preference for discreet jewelry. And even though mine was professionally installed, I was worried that the stone would come loose from my teeth and I would swallow it without realizing it. Therefore, I spent my time touching it with my tongue to check if the jewel was still there.

Dental jewelry posed by dentist

And I particularly insist on the fact that it is necessary to entrust to a dentist the installation of his dental jewel. Beware because when buying it, this article is usually sold with a glue, and therefore, we are often tempted to do it ourselves. The great danger is to end up with a toxic product contraindicated for the body, because the rhinestone must be fixed using the same glue that is used for orthodontic bands.

Moreover, unlike in the past, there is no longer the need to make a small hole in the tooth enamel to hold the rhinestone firmly in place. However, if the work has been performed very well by a dentist and the recommendations followed, the jewel usually lasts three months.