Engagement ring: why choose vintage jewelry?

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A powerful symbol of commitment, the engagement ring is often the subject of in-depth research. We want to be sure not to go wrong by offering this precious jewel during the memorable marriage proposal. While some fiancés prefer to select this ring themselves so that they can proudly present it when they request it, others prefer to wait until they choose it with their fiancée to avoid the misstep. Here are some tips to help you in your selection!

The engagement ring: a precious jewel

The engagement ring is a jewel intended to be worn for the duration of your marriage, that is to say in principle for a lifetime! Thus, this ornament must be made of precious and solid materials in order to ensure its longevity. For example: we will avoid choosing a brass or gold-plated ring, because it will not be able to withstand the years that pass. Therefore, precious metals like gold or platinum are generally preferred for an engagement ring. Worn daily on the ring finger of the left hand, this jewel is indeed confronted with the shocks of everyday life, water and many abrasive liquids. Thus, it absolutely must be able to effectively resist these hazards. Gold and platinum are non-oxidizable, resistant and aesthetic metals. They are therefore perfectly suited to fulfill this role!

A timeless jewel that crosses time

Another important criterion is the style of the ring that you are going to choose. It is in principle strongly recommended to select a timeless piece of jewelry that your beloved will have as much pleasure to wear in 20 years as on the day of the request.

So, choosing an old piece of jewelry can be a great solution. Indeed, an old engagement ring, charged with soul and emblematic of a great period of jewelry, is by definition timeless. She has been able to cross the decades and the centuries brilliantly, so no doubt that her destiny on your fiancée’s finger will be the same. In addition, it is a unique, rare and precious jewel that will only add cachet to your marriage proposal!

An old piece of jewelry is a piece of jewelry that has meaning

An engagement ring is often a piece of jewelry set with one or more fine stones. There is no predetermined model. The important thing is that you like the engagement ring you are going to buy! Certainly, the diamond holds a strong place in the engagement ring. Symbol of eternity, this precious white stone can be worn on its own, as you and me, or even in the center of a varied setting. Other precious stones, such as ruby, emerald or sapphire, are also appropriate to adorn an engagement ring. Subtle and shimmering, these stones can have a special meaning for you, such as reflecting the color of your fiancée’s eyes, for example, or symbolizing a travel souvenir.

Choosing the engagement ring for two

If you feel lost in the face of the important choice available to you, don’t panic and give your fiancée the opportunity to choose together this ring that she will wear all her life. Not only are you guaranteed not to make any missteps, but this purchase can also become a romantic moment to share together. So, organize a jewelers’ tour and then invite her to dinner so that this moment remains forever engraved in your minds!

Are you looking for an antique engagement ring?

Have you made up your mind to take the big step? Are you looking for a precious engagement ring to give to your fiancée to seal your engagement? Think about the old engagement ring. Precious, unique and ethical, this jewel will undoubtedly meet his expectations. So, without further delay, go to a specialist jeweler, an auction room or a professional e-commerce specially dedicated to the sale of antique jewelry!