Glasses, fashion accessories … like our jewelry!

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Just like jewelry, glasses are accessories that vary according to styles, fashions, etc … And it is not easy to choose the model that will be adapted to your face, to your look, to the colors usually worn: I I know something about it for having recently had to make this delicate choice… I asked those around me for their opinion, I hesitated for a long time. And then, I went on the internet because, to my surprise, I discovered that the prices were generally cheaper there than at an optician in town, while being able to try the frames at home “online” or for 30 days. : perfect for seeing their assortment with different outfits or different earrings, and no need to drag your spouse or children to all the opticians in town!

This little online test system is very well done: you upload your photo, and then the glasses you want to try come to rest on your nose and you immediately see the effect. I loved and had fun trying on glasses that I would never have dared to wear in the store!

The advantage of an online optician like Mister Spex for example, is that the choice is much wider: they have an impressive variety of eyeglasses, whether classic models or signed by the big ones. creators. And as with our silver and gemstone rings, they also offer the exchange guarantee if we change our mind after the fact.

Of course, in addition to prescription glasses, you will also find sunglasses from major brands as well as all contact lenses. To have glasses recently, I confirm that they are an accessory, just as important as a jewel, to take care of your look… except that we generally change less frequently!