How to wear your jewelry well?

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Pearl necklace

Difficult for us women to do without jewelry is not it? For me, these fashion accessories are simply essential.

No matter the occasion, I always manage to have an adornment around the neck and ears. How to wear our jewelry well?

Pearl necklaces

How about I start with the pearl necklaces? Indeed, it is often with this clothing accessory that we take our first steps in the clothing style, without realizing it. Nowadays, with their more accessible price, these jewels are back on the front of the stage. Their wearing is no longer reserved only for mature women, but is also found in the twenties and thirties. In addition, gone are the days when pearls were only pearly, because they are also found in other colors, especially for fancy necklaces.

Fortunately, pearl necklaces are worn in all circumstances. Marriage, job interview, or evening with friends, it’s hard to do without. In perfect harmony with the timeless T-shirt and jeans, this type of jewelry will, for example, bring a little touch of sophistication by wearing the necklace very close to the neck. However, if like me, you have a preference for blouses, a necklace of about forty centimeters will draw attention to the opening of your tunic.

And very good news, long necklace or at the crew neck, the pearls are superimposed with other necklaces in leather, ethnic or with metal chains. So, if you are looking for a great place to find fancy necklaces designed by designers, I warmly recommend Chloé’s online store.

Feather earrings

Feather earrings

So far, have you chosen the shapes of your earrings to suit your mood? Don’t worry, I also did like you before the advice of a friend working in the world of fashion accessories. Since then, I have learned to choose my earrings well. A great fan of ethnic jewelry, a few months ago I succumbed to feather models. Therefore, I wear it almost every day.

Nothing like it to personalize a look, without weighing it down. To be trendy therefore, Native American feather earrings should be preferred, if possible with natural feathers. Choose between Sioux or Apache models. In any case, as these earrings are very imposing, I avoid associating them with a necklace, let alone with hair accessories. However, rings and bracelets are not to be avoided.

For girls with short hair, these earrings will be super long and rich in color. And don’t worry, unlike other earring materials, the feathers are exceptionally light. You won’t feel their weight, even if you sport them all day. Do you have a rather long hair? Do not hesitate to tie them up and make buns so that the earrings do not split in the hair.