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Don’t ask me how I came across these articles from Gleeden (yes I have a private life), but one thing blew me away:

Lovers spend more on their mistresses than on their wives!

And this is true for Valentine’s Day, but also for Christmas! The good thing is that they buy them jewelry. 🙂

The infidel gets spoiled

The most popular brands are Channel, Hermes, Pomellato, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels respectively. Excuse the little, but they are not making fun of these gentlemen! We are far from the simple bouquet of flowers offered to Madame … And according to the study, the gifts are jewelry in 61% of cases.

Some deduce that at Christmas, it is to be forgiven for their lack of availability at the end of the year because of the Christmas holidays and the 1st of the year. And that’s when they give the most gifts. And given that another study from the Victoria Milan site shows that the French are among the most unfaithful in the world, that makes jewelry stores robbed for Christmas. I admit that I will no longer look at the single gentlemen who buy in jewelry now in the same way. 🙂

The business of infidelity

Since we are in the confidences and things a little naughty (but no, no one is looking at us), a hotel friend told me that she rents more and more rooms during the day. And yet his hotel is far from being a hobby hotel, it is a very high standard 4 star in Paris. Its clientele is rather posh.

A real business has also developed on this, with sites like Dayuse and its hotel offer, or a newcomer Thanks Felix which also makes the hotel during the day. They connect individuals and hotels who will rent their rooms for less during the day. As a result, the hotel rents the room during the day and at night, so it offers a good price.

The budget for the teacher

So there I fell on … the buttocks. These gentlemen generally spend more on a gift for their mistress than for their wife. The Geeden Dircom says that its subscribers are more CSP + and that suddenly it is not surprising that these gentlemen pay the price.

Worse ! 24% of men say they can plan on the price of their wife’s gift to make it more beautiful for their mistress. Like what we should not necessarily try to put the rope around their necks.

But let’s cross the data

When I am told 200 euros or more (but not 500 either), and I am told Chanel, I have a doubt.
So I went to Chanel, and frankly, under 450 I didn’t find much.

On the other hand, I went to see on occasion, and there I found some “odds and ends”.

Chanel necklace at € 250

Chanel bracelet at 200 €
Chanel bracelet at 215 €

So I’m not calling Gleeden’s study into question, but to be taken with a grain of salt, because we don’t want the opportunity, we gentlemen!

You want beautiful jewelry, don’t get married

Of course I’m joking (a little), but it still seems that in the end the mistresses would be a little better off than the officials when it comes to having a little gem for Christmas. So I only have one piece of advice, you only have one month left to find a lover, ladies, otherwise you might end up with a raclette grill under the tree 🙂