Medieval jewelry

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Princess jewelry and other tiaras have always been fascinating.

Whether you are small or large, they represent the magic, royalty, the fantasy that we dare to agree on certain occasions such as your wedding day with a magnificent tiara and an imposing dress, because it is you. who are the queen on this day!

But do you know them meanings of these medieval jewelry ?

On the occasion of the announcement of the revival of this wonderful French series that is Kaamelott and which I love, a small article is needed to go around the table (round) to expand our knowledge together on the subject.

What are the different types of medieval jewelry and their meanings?

The jewels of yesteryear are above all sign of nobility, bourgeoisie. A noble and coquettish woman in the Middle Ages did not go out without her essentials, namely, a fermail, and a ring, often in gold and engraved with his initials. The more showy jewelry was worn at parties where tiaras, crowns, medallions and necklaces praised their owners and generally showed their social class.

Various meanings appear in the books when it comes to wearing jewelry. Spreading your social class is the main reason, but some jewelry is worn for religious reasons like (medallions or necklaces). Also they are often granted a magical, curative or celestial property.

We can find Signet rings and other rings representing a family’s coat of arms, or even just engraved with the initials of their owners.

The most famous jewelry was even given a name like the Duke of Berry ruby ​​named the Heart of France… No, but a name for her jewelry, you had to think about it, I should start renaming my jewelry to “the pearl earrings of Saint Lily” sounds good, doesn’t it? (rhem rhem …)

More generally we can find different types of medieval jewelry, the earrings invented at this time are only reserved for women and mainly pendants with a pearl.
The staples, buckles and clasps which generally have the same utility, were used to close or maintain the edges of a cape, a dress, a veil.

Rings and rings could represent families by serving as validation seal to sign or close an envelope for example, I would love to have one in my image! The rings were also used, as nowadays, to formalize an oath, a commitment, like a marriage! Or to contain relics or the name of deities, the bubble which was a necklace that was worn whether one is rich or poor, had the same utility.

Bracelets were worn by men by custom during tournaments, the bracelet had a motto and the loser had to keep his bracelet closed for a year unless a beautiful young woman frees it from the clutches of her torturer !! … I got lost, all this atmosphere of king and princess goes to my head.

Finally, the crown is the only accessory showing precisely a rank of nobility, well yes thank you you will tell me Lily, we know that, but did you know that it was subsequently declined as a tiara and then as a tiara for women? Ah-ha! Okay, maybe you knew that.

The jewelry of the Kaamelott series

Haaa finally my favorite part! This series passes through all ages and remains twenty years later, a classic with a humor totally up to date !! Passing through Arthur, to Guinevere or even Léodagan, the creators of the jewels of the series have made a small bunch of them.

The most mythical is necessarily arthur’s necklace which he wears throughout the series, and which represents the Irish god of speech, Ogma, offered to Arthur during his childhood, because he was too talkative. It is a rather large and round collar, attached by a leather thong.

King Arthur and his famous necklace.

Arthur also has a magic ring that allows you to repel weapons from a distance, wow … As for King Lot, he has one that allows you to generate lightning, I buy!

Most royalty, druids or chieftains wear tiaras, such as Arthur, Leodagan, Loth, Elias or Merlin. The queen wears head jewelry or around her neck.

Certain jewels found during quests remain cult, for example the ether medallion found by Perceval and put in the vault room, which unfortunately served to transform all metals into gas… Hello disaster.

Others are magical gifts like the medallion of warmth offered by the lady of the lake to Arthur who, seeming useless at first, saved Arthur from an avalanche, like what, it must be nice also in winter!

They can also be simple strategic gifts like the royal crown that King Lot brings to Arthur to be forgiven for his betrayal.

The jewels are used to bring content to certain episodes, or as simple sets and costumes, but are still very well represented in the series. Some shops specialize in making period jewelry, such as those in Mandrake or Ritterladen, do not hesitate to take a look at their wonders.

And you ? Are you a fan too?