multiply by three the sales of jewelry on our shop!

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It’s summer, we’re on vacation! As much, a week ago I was dead, no more battery, no more juice… as much after 4-5 days of total decompression, it comes back.

During the holidays, I never really manage to drop out. There is no longer anyone in the office, so there will inevitably be very little business in August, but the work will have to be done well. In short, all this to say that if I do not manage (and frankly not trying either …) to drop out, these vacation moments allow me to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to take stock of the situation. past year, and to think about new projects, new actions to be implemented over the coming year.

It is therefore quietly, on the terrace, in the cool, in a pure haven of peace where only the birds accompany me before the concert of the cicadas, that I am writing this post. And it’s just as quietly that I set myself a new goal for Zandira: to triple our jewelry sales by summer 2013 without using sponsored links or subscriptions to paid buying guides!

We are there!

Zandira, at the start, it was a bit experimental, since I had never touched e-commerce. Over the months, I have really taken a liking to this brand that we have created, and I remain convinced that we are still very far from having exploited its full potential.

The store now has a metronome regularity! More 80 to 120% depending on the month compared to last year, and when I expect a more difficult month, well no, we remain on the same bases.

However, the store alone would not allow a single person to live on, we can consider that this would be a very good additional salary, but no more. The time / profit ratio is excellent for a mini-shop of 150 models. But once again, I am convinced that we can go much, much further!

And your action plan?

I will not tell you in detail what I intend to do to achieve this goal, but I can still give you the broad outlines, with a leitmotif that I should not lose sight of on pain of guaranteed failure: write, write and write again!

All the SEOs know that if the discipline is still rather simple in principle, it is on the other hand more and more difficult to set up. The fault of competition: always more players, still only 10 places on the first page of search engines, and less and less visibility for natural results; and the fault of Google which, in recent months, has been giving SEOs a hard time with the implementation of new filters, such as Penguin and Panda (I invite you to do a little research on these 2 terms if you want to know more about the consequences of these filters).

To be well positioned on the expressions I have previously defined, I therefore need good contextualized links, on quality sites! So no more quantity and automatic writing, make way for quality!

But for that, there’s no, if you ask, you also have to be able to offer: so I started to create a network of blogs on the theme of jewelry, the doors of Zandira’s blog will open to guest-blogging , but very selectively! We will therefore have to write good posts to feed the network, and be able to publish to others as I was able to do on Gros Bijoux or UnVraiBijou for example.

I also have the idea of ​​opening a buying guide on jewelry, good for SEO but penguinophobic and pandaphobic … I have the tools, I see roughly how I want to do it … there is more than to implement! Good material for good partnerships is a good basis.

I will add to this strategy, a pinch of directories and CPs, because there are still some good ones, very stable on their bases, a chouillas of comments on dofollow blogs with very varied anchors … and finally, a bit of know-how, because by dint of referencing sites, and having taken a few pretty bowls, I would almost take myself for an expert :-)))

The second big part of my strategy will be on social networks. I am not an expert, I was rather very skeptical, but 2-3 experiences showed me that there could be some potential behind the networks, with if not many sales, at least some real work branding on our brand.

There you go, the swimming pool is waiting for me, before a little tour of the local organic market… I have to regain my strength! Review in the summer of 2013!