My little online store … 6 years later, it’s time to take stock

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Zandira has been around for 6 years now and, to be honest, I haven’t seen the time go by. It’s time to take stock.


Overall, Zandira is a small success compared to the time spent. You should know that this store only represents a little more than 10% of our turnover, much less in gross margin. Indeed, the idea, from the start, was to discover the world of e-commerce, not necessarily to become the leader in the world of online jewelry.

Having many other sites, and our goal of better understanding the workings of e-commerce having been achieved – at least in its version of a few years ago since today e-commerce has become more complex – development Zandira, which has never been a priority, will be even less so in the future. Today, it is about 30mn of management time per day… that is to say!

So there you have it, it’s time to make a decision about its future, and two options are available to us!

Sell ​​the store

1st option, sell the store as is, considering that this project is still not a priority and never will be.

On this subject :

Positioning is good, and you have to stay in this range of jewelry. To get out of the water compared to the giants of e-commerce, it is imperative to stay in a “niche”. As the rings are made specifically for us, we have a real differentiating factor.

Zandira is ideal for someone who would like to make a salary supplement, see a full salary by developing the e-shop. You should know that to date, customer acquisition is only done through referencing. No other acquisition strategy has been put in place.

Zandira’s sore point is the value of the necessary stock, which is not within the reach of all budgets. The jewelry being made in India, orders are necessarily large (several kilos), few (1 to 2 per year) and incompressible since for the same model of ring, you need about twenty sizes … If there is a sale, it will be stock included.

Keep and give a boost

The other option would be to keep the store and give it a boost by starting by updating Prestashop in a responsive version. My current version is almost a model for a museum!

We should really devote time to it, and really work on the other traffic acquisition channels… in short, relaunch the project.

To date no decision has been taken, but staying as it is is no longer an option.

To be continued