Positive 2012 results for Zandira!

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It is high time to take stock of the year that has just ended and share it with you! First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year 2013, which may be successful in your projects. I would also like to thank all of our customers, without whom this adventure could not continue!

Compared to 2011, 2012, it’s + 65% in sales. It’s not bad, and it’s in the nails of what I had fixed. Zandira remains of course a small e-commerce, but on all of our different sites, the turnover it generates is no longer negligible.

This increase is mainly due to natural referencing, on which I worked a lot in 2012, despite the fact that I had to modify my strategy during the year, with the changes of Google’s algo (panda and penguin for connoisseurs). I will continue to work on SEO for this new year.

From a sales point of view, it is therefore very positive, it is also at the management level. Our process is now well established, and the daily management of the store remains more than very reasonable in terms of time spent.

Some improvements to be made …

That said, some points still need to be improved!

Supplier / Stock: the downside in managing a ring boutique is that we need a significant stock to have a maximum of sizes available for a maximum of models. This stock is costing us dearly in terms of fixed assets and the turnover is relatively low.

Although our relations with our supplier are good and the quality of the jewelry is excellent, it is difficult for us to place more than 2 orders per year as things stand. It is too little and leaves us relatively little room for maneuver. The solution we are thinking about is to become an importer ourselves. In the context of the importation of jewelry, French law is very strict and requires a certain number of procedures, however, this would allow us to work with new suppliers able to deliver smaller quantities to us, more frequently. These suppliers, I have already found them, but without approval it would be completely illegal to work with them at the moment.

Return jewelry: here too, this is a difficulty for our shop. Buying a ring on the internet means taking the risk of making a mistake about the size. We therefore have a significant exchange rate. Although we have put some tools online to help our customers, there are many mistakes. It is therefore up to us to be very vigilant when checking stock and as much as possible in supporting our customers when ordering. I think despite this, that it will remain THE difficulty of our e-commerce.

Here then are our objectives for 2013: to further increase our sales, 3 times announced last August, and we are on track to achieve this objective; and find a solution to offer even more models while not exploding the value of our stock.

And finally, just to boost our January sales a little, don’t forget that we are doing the sales at Zandira, with 10% discount on the whole store using the code SALE-10! Let people know 🙂