Positive results for the winter sales at Zandira

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At Zandira, as at all e-merchants and in all stores, the sales, which began on Wednesday January 8, ended on Tuesday February 11, 2014. What is the result?

A satisfactory balance sheet for these winter sales

Contrary to what we can read here and there on the balance sheet of winter sales, at Zandira, sales benefiting from the 10% discount have soared. No shortage of sales was noted as some sellers regret it here and there. On the contrary, we can say that sales were made on a regular basis and spread over the entire period.

This is undoubtedly a peculiarity linked to e-commerce since the buyer is not jostled by the crowd, nor annoyed by the wait at the checkouts. As a result, purchases are not subject to any inconvenience directly linked to sales. In addition, the fact that the Zandira store does not run sales or promotions indiscriminately throughout the year makes this sales period more valuable and more anticipated.

Zandira Sale -10%

Increasingly popular online sales

As I just wrote, shopping online is quieter and less stressful than the hustle and bustle of a shopping street on a Saturday afternoon. But in addition, our jewelry and rings in 925 silver and semi-precious stones are in no way dependent on the weather, like shoes or ready-to-wear. Some buyers had spotted a model and waited for the sales to afford it. Others – many more than you might imagine – simply did not use the code to benefit from the 10% discount!

This year, we also benefited from a relatively large stock, which made it easy to find the coveted model in its finger size. Who was not annoyed by wanting to buy a model of shoe at the time of the sales and who only found 35 and 41, without any 38 in stock? !! It is the fact of only offering models that are unsaleable or with marginal sizes that ends up diverting consumers from sales, perhaps …