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The first personalized bracelet that we wear in life is often a small baptism bracelet with his name (for Catholics).

And with girls, this is only the beginning of a long story, because from childhood, we make our own little bracelets, we mix our pearls to make the prettiest bracelets in the world. And then after, everything goes live….

My bracelet to me and nothing to me

As you grow up, you move on to more serious things, like personalized bracelets from Jewelssimo or the Pandora bracelets I had already told you about.

So obviously, it costs a little more than our childhood trinkets, but it’s also a little nicer as a finish, we even go to precious metals sometimes or at least plated.

Some small examples of what I liked about Jewelssimo

Nice to engrave or have his name (and possibly that of his lover if you do not change too often, otherwise put “X” 🙂)

Personalized jewelry among the stars

The thing that makes personalized or personalized jewelry popular is also necessarily that the stars wear it. Stars always work, nothing better to create or undo fashions, Miss Kardashian just has to decide to wear an earring with Kim marked on it, so that half the planet wants one too. Well, in this case, she wears a necklace with the names of her niece and nephew.

In the series much more chic (yes because the Kim is famous for a lot of things, but not for her class …) So more chic I said, there is Kate. Yes, the princess.
With William’s initial, and his son’s name. As soon as she wore it, this personal necklace sold thousands of copies.

But how do they burn and cut?

As you can imagine, we are no longer in the Middle Ages. It is not a small craftsman who will engrave or chisel your name by hand in the metal (it is possible, but it will cost you an arm).

In fact, all of this is done by machine, more and more often the personalization is done with machines that engrave or cut with a laser.

Basically it looks like this:

It is with this type of machine that we laser cut metal precisely, for example to cut a shape or a name.

Some machines are more used to engrave in metal.

Technology at the service of our personalized jewelry

It may not be very glamorous, but we have to face the facts, to make us pretty jewelry at reasonable prices, today we use practical tools that will do it cleanly and without burrs after the have programmed.