The puzzle of a new jewelry order

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As everyone knows, all of our 925 silver and gemstone rings are made in India. Considering the lead times, we only make a few restockings per year, but therefore they are quite important and should not be done at random. This is the puzzle!

How do I determine which models to order?

Order jewelryYou already have to evacuate your personal tastes in order to be able to be objective by looking at the models that have worked well: if their stock is reduced, they will appear on the order list, almost automatically. Some models work well but we have encountered some problems with the fixing of the stones: what to do? Satisfy customer demand at the risk that they will be unhappy if the stone comes loose? Dilemma…

One thing is certain, is that the order must summarize the “pre-orders” received by customers during the last months: thus, upon receipt of the new order, we can inform them that the model they coveted. is finally available. Often, they are sensitive to this attention and order the model in question.

Do I have to add new creations to each order?

A shop also lives thanks to the novelties that it offers then, of course that we must regularly offer new creations: it is a way of keeping in contact with our customers by keeping them informed. These are additional sales, each time, it’s obvious, but you have to choose these new models well …

And what about models that don’t sell?

The addition of new models usually goes hand in hand with the removal of old rings. We will choose, in priority, those whose stock is low and which we “drag” for too long in our stock. Let us not forget that this stock costs… So, the period of the arriving sales, it is necessary to take advantage of it to “sell off” these few models. Obviously, being wrong on the models is not very profitable, hence the importance of properly defining your order!

Offer all sizes and what to make adornments?

Yes, some rings deserve to be offered in almost all sizes, from 48 to 70: this is the case for the models which sell very well. For the others, it may be necessary to have sizes that cover this amplitude but having sizes ranging from 4 to 4 for example: if you are doing 52 on the right ring finger, you will undoubtedly find the model that you like in 55, size of your left middle finger; you just have to choose another finger to put on your ring!

As for earrings and pendants, whether we should enrich this stock: the question remains unresolved. Some tell us yes, others no. Our offer is limited and we don’t communicate much about it, so knowing whether customers come to Zandira for a silver and gemstone ring or for silver jewelry is not easy. Perhaps the idea of ​​doing a little survey of our customers could help us ?!

You will have understood it: anyway, in a few weeks, you will discover on Zandira new sizes of rings and undoubtedly new models! Moreover, if you want to tell us in the comments what you would like to find in the store, now is the time… before we finalize the order 😉