We could have sold diamonds … but no!

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diamond ringJewelry stores are all alike and all sell gems? No, in reality, many layers exist among jewelry sellers, from the costume jewelry merchant to the jeweler in Place Vendôme …

Zandira, specialist in fine stones

With Zandira, we have chosen to position ourselves, on this scale of jewelers, rather in the middle, since we are specialized in rings, earrings and pendants in silver and semi-precious stones. Attention, we are strict on the niche that we have chosen and we do not support any obstacle to this choice: all our jewels are stamped with the hallmark guaranteeing a 925 silver, on the one hand, and on the other hand, all our items are set. or embellished, in one way or another, with fine stones. And these are not to be put in the same basket as precious stones.

Amethyst, garnet, quartz, carnelian, lapis lazuli, citrine, to name just a few of these beautiful colored stones that we offer for sale. The interest with these stones is that you can afford to buy several jewels, even many in order to have them with stones of each color, to match with his dress or his mood of the day! The prices are not very high.

You should also know that fine stones or fine gems are stones that were previously called “semi-precious” stones, but since the decree of January 14, 2002, this designation is prohibited. All that to say that these fine gems are below the four “big” precious ones!

Precious stones, a matter for specialists

diamond ringYou have understood it, the jewelers who sell rings, bracelets and other jewelry set with precious stones are the top of the range of jewelry: their raw material, if we can call it that, consists of emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond.

It is the combined purity and rarity that make these stones so coveted gems: therefore, their price is much higher than fine stones. In addition, jewelry bearing a gemstone is the object of all the covetousness of women but also thieves, so special equipment is really needed to store the jewelry in order to protect it to a very high level.

However, as a seller of silver and fine stone jewelry, sometimes people ask us for some advice and addresses to buy a piece of jewelry with one of these precious stones. We then direct them to professional jewelers, but when it comes to precisely diamond jewelry, you should know that a diamond dealer like Celinni, is part of what is the most refined and qualitative in terms of diamond work.

Personally, I like fine stones but I must admit a strong penchant for diamonds: I have a silver ring set with a small diamond and it is the one I wear most often because it combines what I ‘appreciates the most: sobriety and radiance. I also wear earrings with a diamond coiled in the heart of a thin gold setting and I never take them off, always for the same reasons!