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For my part, I am a fervent atheist, but I respect the beliefs of others, and today I am interested in those who believe in God and follow the precepts of Christian religious baptism.

Even if I admit it to you, it is above all an opportunity for me to talk about jewelry once again.

Gold or nothing

While digging on the web, asking for opinions in forums, the first thing I realize is that most people primarily offer gold baptismal jewelry, silver is often relegated to the background.

Classic, but not too much

Another trend, even if the traditional is going well, jewelry that can easily be worn for a lifetime. In this sense, for example, the house “La Couronne” (which dates from 1880 – 137 years of existence, just that – they therefore know what they are talking about) offers baptism jewelry, some of which could almost be compared to “charms. From Pandora.

I think it’s a really good idea, because even if the baby changes his faith as he grows up, he will be happy once an adult to continue wearing a piece of jewelry offered by his godmother or grandmother.

Some cool examples

Crosses go everywhere

Reasons or representations

Are you more of a heart or a little fish?

The religious medal

There, I am not going to give you a photo exhibition, you can see very well what I am talking about, with the virgin, Jesus, the angels, the saints, we are in the very traditional baptismal medal.

The baptismal chain

Pendant jewelry is usually worn around the neck (even if a friend of mine wears her baptismal chain on her ankle …), and unless there are two to offer it, you are sure not to go wrong, a small chain in gold can be worn for life on all occasions, do not take it too short.

The curb chain

As much this jewel has become the extreme old-fashioned for adults (you have it in mind the big silver bracelet marked “Robert”?), As it remains cute for a (e) very little (e). In addition, some models are closer to cute little bracelets.

Nice this little bracelet


If you are gifting a medal, consider engraving. In general, the name and either the date of birth or the date of the baptism are written on it.

The other gifts

The jewelry is often offered by the godfather or the godmother, the other guests can offer something else.

The savings book

Nothing to do with a jewel I know, but what I have been able to let myself say, it is a gift that is given during the baptism. And then if you are super generous or if the interests are accumulated over 2000 years, the little one will be able to afford an adornment from Van Cleef when the time comes, and that is high class. 🙂

The baptismal dress or costume

To do with the parents, but you can offer the christening gown (examples here), it is possibly a way to reduce the budget of the parents.

The cup, the plate, the spoon …

We can also offer other gifts, such as a silver cup, a spoon of the same metal. Traditionally it is the symbolism of a life without too many financial constraints. Another point, silver is known to be an antimicrobial, so it will (a priori) prevent baby from the proliferation of bacteria in his food when he eats.

Finally, what is civil baptism?

If you are not doing a religious baptism, you could opt for civil baptism.
It is practiced at the town hall, and as for religious baptism, it does not commit to anything legally, it is above all a way of dramatizing a moral commitment of the godfather or the godmother, but it has no legal value.